Asset Protection Zone

An Asset Protection Zone (APZ) is the clearing space between your residential property and the bush/bush fire fuel environment. The size of an Asset Protection Zone (APZ) will depend on an estimate of bush fire rating, flame impact and radiant heat.

Bush fire rating is determined by Rural Fire Service, local council, and Australian construction standard AS3959. BAL. For detailed information please refer to links to your rural fire service or contact your local council.

Fire Breaks

Fire breaks and Asset Protection Zones are essentially the same thing. Fire breaks are designed to limit the spread of wildfire and radiant heat impact, thus designed to reduce the spread of fire into other areas. APZs are purely to stop flame impact on a building. The use of breaks further serves to compartmentalise land into smaller more manageable areas.

Fire Trails

Fire trails are a term given to off road access areas for trucks and heavy vehicles to give access and egress through properties or around large areas of land.

The procedures before building a fire trail:

  • Please check with local government authority in your area to obtain documentation certificates.
  • Prior to Flamezone building your fire trail, we will need to ensure that the council are aware of your plans, in case trees are to be removed and /or if there is a risk of erosion.
  • Land clearing regulations may apply to an area where you wish to build your fire trail.
  • The construction of a fire trail is not purely clearing of trees and vegetation; state guidelines and regulations need to be met. These provisions include runoff and erosion tracks, passing and turning areas, causeway and creek crossings, culvert, and anything that would cause disturbance to surrounding environmental.

All of the above works must be covered by an Environmental Assessment certificate, Rural Fire Service HRC notice, or local council permit. Flame zone can help you initiate your search for this documentation.

Please use our resources (in FAQS) that may provide you with more information about the bushland clearing factsheet in order to continue with your own research.

Contact your land clearing specialist to know more about the asset protection zones!