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Who we are

Flamezone is a distilliation of 25 yrs of experience of managing vegetation, land clearance and mitigating bushfire risk. With close links to local and state government agencies. Flamezone is uniquely placed to assist you with protecting and clearing your property. We have an in depth knowledge of the legal requirements and safety considerations to help protect you and your neighbours. Our machinery and equipment has been specially designed to manage the vegetation which characterizes the North Shore of Sydney ie dry schlerophyll forest and steep sandstone topography.


Flamezone has made a huge difference to my property and has definitely added to the value. The team were very professional, polite and hardworking.

1. Government departments
2.Word of Mouth Fencing Pty Ltd
3. Pritchard Developments
4. Cleveland contracting

Privacy Policy

Flamezone will never share any of your details with any other party without your instruction to do so. We may however, use anonymised generic, site photos which may be included in our portfolio/website gallery. All personal information will remain confidential and will not be stored in any database, either electronic or in hard copy which could be accessed without prior request and approval granted.