Land Clearing North Shore

At Flamezone, our team understands the importance of land clearing services to any property be it residential, commercial or government projects. We assess the property to provide a quality land clearing services with our fleet of highly specialised machines to help you make the utmost use of your property.

Land clearing is a broad term which covers many aspects, to do with vegetation removal. Historically, land clearing suggested hundreds of square kilometres of virgin bush removal in order to make way for farming and agriculture. Fortunately, today the term “land clearing” is more commonly used for site preparation terminology for urban expansion and housing subdivision.

The large housing expansion in Sydney has led to council changing stance and provisions on the subdividing of plots, and construction of granny flats, trying to yield a higher urban density within the same council area. For example, on the North Shore of Sydney where there is no vacant land, the only way to expand, is by rezoning blocks. This is particularly evident in areas such as Terrey Hills, Duffys Forest, Ingleside, where the minimum size of a block was 5 hectares. These areas are currently undergoing rezoning to smaller blocks. This in turn leads to the requirement for the smaller blocks to be cleared in order to accommodate redevelopment and subdivision.

Likewise, the huge trend of subdivision of the standard house blocks in the North Shore of Sydney, where average size is 1300 square metres, requires clearing vegetation to accommodate subdivision or dual occupancy.

NSW State government changed legislation last year, to allow “granny flat” construction within the boundaries of an existing property; council approval is however, still required for planning purposes.

A common issue raised by clients on the North Shore of Sydney is the infestation of Lantana and other noxious weeds choking the creeks, storm water easements and Riparian Zones in built up urban areas. This traditionally involves very labour intensive hand clearing techniques which are expensive. Our fleet of innovative machines including mulching heads mounted on a rubber tracked excavator base which can easily reach 5m from the cabin, thus enabling us to reach and clear down embankments.

The waste is reduced to a fine mulch, produced during the clearing process.

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