Noxious Weed Removal Sydney

Runoffs from domestic houses, rich in phosphates, have caused noxious weeds like Lantana and privet to dominate and thrive, dominating and suffocating native vegetation. Natural creeks and drainage culverts have become blocked with weeds and other unwanted vegetation.

Lantana Removal

Historically, if Lantana was high up, tangled with other trees, etc., Lantana removal was done by mass spraying of foliage. This was akin to deforestation methods employed in conflict zones. This is no longer an acceptable approach to Lantana removal. You, the client wants an alternative solution.

There comes a point with Lantana, where it gets out of control, and becomes impossible to remove. We provide Lantana removal services wherein it is removed, chipped and mulched (less than 28cm in length) in order to stop it reshooting. It has to be pulverized and destroyed.

Privet Removal

Privet grows prolifically. Not only does it spread by weed, but by lateral growth close by. Unlike Lantana which is extremely aggressive, a vine type system, which smothers neighboring vegetation, privet is not so exclusive, but nevertheless needs to be controlled before it gets out of hand. Dense stands of privet do prevent other vegetation surviving or establishing and reduce yields. We provide privet removal services to prevent it from spreading.

Grass Removal

Grasses can be problematic too. These can cause real fire risk, very quick growing, hard to maintain. Standard domestic tools and lawnmowers can’t fix it. Grasses are very fire susceptible, increasing your bush fire risk. Our machines can mulch this grass into clippings were it can’t re-shoot. We can remove the product, turn it into mulch and leave it on the ground, which gives you access to root balls. These types of grasses are ideal environment for snakes to inhabit and thrive in, so removal of grasses will also reduce the risk of snakes around your property.

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