Storm Damage Works in Sydney

Storm Damages can have adverse impacts on your surroundings and family. We assist you to restore from the storm damage by clearing vegetation deposits from your property. We have specialised machinery to speed up the recovery process and to assist you in restoring your property.

Storm Damage Recovery

During the event of a storm cell or strong wind has hit the Northern beaches, there is a need to clean up residential properties, with falling tree limbs, and high volumes of tree debris scattered, that needs to be removed and /or rendered safe and properties restored to pre-storm damage condition. There could be tonnes of debris and vegetation deposited, leaving the property unusable. This all needs to be cut up and removed, in a short period of time by Flamezone’s expert crew.

With our extensive experience, we are able to respond quickly after Sate Emergency Services (SES) /emergency crews have left. Even when rendered safe, there will be a lot of work and clean-up which is the responsibility of the landowner.

Machines Used For Storm Damage Works

For storm damage, our equipment not only is similar to that of a normal arborist, (chainsaws, poles saw and trailer -chippers) but we also have more. Flamezone carries specialised machinery including chippers that are mounted upon mini bobcats able to access 1.1 metres wide, along with a fleet of excavators, bobcats, and tracked cargo carriers that have been modified and have special attachments for working in this environment including grapples, flail mulching heads and shredders.

We love tight and difficult to reach areas!

Other larger civil or commercial projects on the North Shore of Sydney, including the creation of boardwalks, mountain bike parks, walking trails, bike trails and other public access, e.g. egress to nature reserves, have had to use “outside of the square thinking” to overcome the prohibitive cost that might have crippled projects if manual labour was the only alternative. These innovative solutions have included the use of helicopters to ferry in specialised machinery and to remove the waste mulch, also large scale mobile cranes to locate and place various pieces of machinery where access around properties/water courses/swamps were impossible.

For assistance in recovering from storm damage and clearing vegetation deposits in affected property, Contact Us!