How We Can Help to Prevent the Spread of Noxious Weed on Your Property


Noxious weed can quickly spread in New South Wales and other areas of Australia, damaging plants and fauna, harming native wildlife, and creating a fire hazard. To prevent the spread of noxious weed, you need professionals to organise land clearing in Sydney areas regularly.

Preventing the spread of noxious weed can be difficult, as seeds and other particles of the plant can be easily spread over long distances. Wind, rivers, lakes, streams, shoes, clothing, vehicles, machinery and animals can all carry the seeds and reproductive particles of weeds.

With over 25 years’ experience on Sydney’s North Shore, Flame Zone are the specialists in noxious weed removal. When you want to be sure that the weeds will be professionally treated and removed – call us! We specialise in the removal of weeds for fire hazard reduction, bush regeneration and land clearing on North Shore and Sydney areas.

Our specialised machinery is especially suited to noxious weed removal and land clearing in the North Shore in Sydney. Our lantana removal service removes, chips, and mulches weeds less than 28cm in length. This stops them reshooting. We remove the weed from your premises for removal so that it can not reshoot. Privets and bamboo are also expertly removed.

Grasses are a real fire safety hazard and can be the home to a variety of snakes, insects, and vermin. Our high-tech machinery mulches these grasses – so that the weed does not regenerate in and around your property.

Professional burning machinery and mechanical control are both options. We find that chemical treatments are an effective means of noxious weed removal also. Herbicides can kill many different types of noxious weeds. The procedures need to be closely followed and are best left to experts.

Our expert land-clearing in Sydney areas will help to keep your property free from noxious weeds. We will inspect your property and discuss with you the ideal method to remove the weeds on your property safely and effectively. Contact us at Flamezone for more information today.


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