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Tips to Prevent Noxious Weed Spread

Noxious weeds can cause serious damage to the Sydney environment, cost landowners money, and damage farms and natural areas. Weeds can spread quickly every day, by way of wind and birds. Incorrectly disposing of the weed cuttings will also spread the weeds to other areas. The following tips will help you to prevent the spread of weeds:
  • Remove
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Tips to Prevent Spread of Lantana

Lantana is a problem in many rural areas, on acreage and even in suburban residences. Once it starts growing, it can quickly spread and cause damage to native habitat, fauna and wildlife. To prevent the spread of lantana, use approved methods of land clearing in Sydney areas regularly. Lantana Removal Using Burning Burning off regularly will
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Problems Caused by the Noxious Weed Removal

Noxious weeds (including lantana and privet) spread quickly and can cause damage to the environment. Some of the problems that are caused by noxious weeds include:
  • An increase in soil erosion;
  • Reduction of native habitat and natural fauna;
  • Native plants have less water, light, and nutrition;
  • They can be toxic to both humans and animals;
  • There is an increased fire
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