Problems Caused by the Noxious Weed Removal

Noxious weeds (including lantana and privet) spread quickly and can cause damage to the environment. Some of the problems that are caused by noxious weeds include:

  • An increase in soil erosion;
  • Reduction of native habitat and natural fauna;
  • Native plants have less water, light, and nutrition;
  • They can be toxic to both humans and animals;
  • There is an increased fire risk when there is an abundance of noxious weeds.

Noxious weed removal needs to be done safely and securely in order to protect the environment. Some problems caused by noxious weed removal are:

  • Fire control issues for Effective Lantana Removal

Land clearing Sydney regions regularly will ensure noxious weed and lantana removal – however, there are some things to be careful of.

o      Kill rates for the privet removal will vary;

o      The effectiveness of the burning depends on the fuel available, the fire intensity, the temperature, humidity, the climate, time of year and the soil’s moisture levels;

o      Fire is not recommended for rainforest, dense forest or plantation areas;

o      Burning may require Council permission.

  • Mechanical Control

Ploughing or raking is an effective method of land-clearing Sydney areas. Problems that can occur are:

o      Regrowth from seeds and stumps is common;

o      Grubbing is an effective method, however, it is very time-consuming;

o      Steep inclines and gullies and dense forest areas are not always suitable for heavy machinery due to soil erosion, safety, and access issues.

  • Chemical Control

Chemicals can work on noxious weeds and lantana or privet removal. However, much chemical damage native habitat and harm humans and wildlife.

Noxious weed removal must be performed in accordance with Council guidelines and adhere to health and safety regulations. For results that are long-lasting and safe, we recommend that you hire a professional. At Flamezone, we have over 25 years of experience on Sydney’s North Shore. For more information on noxious weed removal contact us today.

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