Tips to Prevent Noxious Weed Spread

Noxious weeds can cause serious damage to the Sydney environment, cost landowners money, and damage farms and natural areas.

Weeds can spread quickly every day, by way of wind and birds. Incorrectly disposing of the weed cuttings will also spread the weeds to other areas.

The following tips will help you to prevent the spread of weeds:

  • Remove Noxious Weeds Regularly

o    Weed your garden at home regularly

o    Regularly clear your land

o    Enlist the help of services that specialize in land clearing. As specialists in land clearing in North Shore and Sydney areas, we can quickly, safely and effectively clear your land of noxious weeds

  • Be Aware of the Common Types of Weeds in Your Area

In Sydney, we find that lantana and privet removal are the most common types of services required. Lantana and privets spread quickly, are poisonous and can cause damage to your habitat.

  • Use Specialised Equipment for Noxious Weed Removal, Privet Removal, And Lantana Removal

Heavy machinery, slashing, chemicals and controlled burning are all effective methods of professional weed removal. A follow-up method will ensure that the weeds do not quickly return.

  • Buy Weed Free Soil Products

You can purchase weed free fertilizers, soil and soil products.

  • Do Not Use Water Weeds

Water weeds your property can easily be moved and spread by birds and heavy rain.

  • Dispose of Weeds Correctly

Burn or bury weeds or transport them to an appropriate waste disposal facility. Do not dump them in bush or parkland. Incorrect methods of disposal can quickly cause noxious weeds to regerminate and spread.

The above tips will see that noxious weeds do not easily grow and spread. If you already have weeds on your land, we recommend that you have them professionally removed. Lantana removal, privet removal, noxious weed removal and land clearing in Sydney is necessary to maintain the health and safety of the habitat.

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