Tips to Prevent Spread of Lantana

Lantana is a problem in many rural areas, on acreage and even in suburban residences. Once it starts growing, it can quickly spread and cause damage to native habitat, fauna and wildlife. To prevent the spread of lantana, use approved methods of land clearing in Sydney areas regularly.

Lantana Removal Using Burning

Burning off regularly will reduce the survival and growth of lantana, privets and other noxious weeds. This may require a permit. After burning off re-establish the soil to prevent the lantana seed from germinating.When re-sowing used improved pasteurizing methods.

In summer, before the rain, burn again. Spot spray the regrowth of the lantana when it has started to grow and is less than 50cm in height.

Noxious Weed Removal Using Mechanical Control

Mechanical control is another method for lantana removal. The use of machinery such as ploughs is a very effective method for removing the existing weeds.

Grubbing of small areas is also a very effective method of noxious weed removal.Slashing the weeds is another tried and proven method.

Follow up treatment will be required when mechanical methods of weed removal are used.

Chemical Control

Chemical control can be an extremely effective method of lantana removal in Sydney regions. Herbicides can kill many varieties of lantana if the application procedures are followed carefully and are executed correctly.

Basal bark spraying is a good method of removal for single-stemmed lantana. This can be done at any time of the year. For multi-stemmed lantana varieties, applying the chemicals to each individual stem gives the best results.

Always remove animals from the area while the weeds are being sprayed. Animals should also not be in the area immediately after spraying.

Lantana removal is necessary for the health of your habitat, as well as for fire control. We recommend the use of an expert for best results and for OH&S compliance. For more information on professional land clearing Sydney, areasĀ contact us at Flame zone.

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