Why Asset Protection is an Important Part of Bushfire Management

Asset protection zones (APZ) are the zones surrounding an area such as a home, commercial or industrial building, where the area that could fuel a fire is reduced. Asset protection is the area of cleared bushland which will help to protect these assets from fire, and also make the area safe for fire fighters in the case of emergency.

Asset protection can only be done on your own land, and cannot stretch to neighboring properties without written consent.

The process of asset protection can make the world of difference in a bushfire. Vegetation must be kept at an absolute minimum in these areas. In hot and windy weather bushfires can start very easily in the area surrounding a building. Dry leaves, dry tree branches and excess bush are all fire hazards which need to be minimised as much as possible – all year round!

Residents and businesses can help assist with Asset Protection Zones by keeping areas free of dry garden waste, firewood and other flammable materials. They can also help to slash vegetation and excess growth. This is most easily done when asset protection has already been undertaken by a qualified expert.

We specialize in land clearing North Shore and Sydney areas and carry specialized machinery and equipment specifically suited to land clearing and noxious weed removal in the North Shore areas.We have 25 years of experience and are experts in vegetation control, hazard reduction, fire break construction and bush regeneration Sydney and North Shore regions.

We provide cost effective solutions to land clearing and bush generation Sydney and North Shore areas. We provide quality service to residences as well as to civil and government organizations, and will help to keep your property safe from fire with properly cleared asset protection zones.

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